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Kobold +Designs is intended only for small orders, and our ordering system will prohibit you from volume ordering. If you are seeking a large number of products for your business promotion needs, please contact Shipyard Dog to order.

Kobold +Designs is where you come to buy things that are better designed than most of the equivalent shit that’s on Etsy. Rip off my designs and I’ll tear your limbs off.

We design and build everything in our own shop in Crystal River, FL, and since there’s no experience-deficient marketing twats telling us how we should be following market influences, or ballpeen-hammer-minded CEO’s parroting tired tropes about offshoring our manufacturing and development processes, we are proud to present every piece we create.

It also means we’re eminently qualified to work with you to develop products outside of what we have listed. If you have special requirements, dimensions, or other needs for a custom designed and built box, please contact us directly at or contact us via Shipyard Dog.

But who are you?

Kobold +Designs is the labor of love of David Briley, Ph.D. After completing a doctoral degree in Neuroscience, David returned home to support the family business, Shipyard Dog. After producing a number of sturdy prototypes of various wooden boxes, and delivering a set of orders of them to clients, we decided to make them available via an on-demand purchasing service. David hopes that the sales from these boxes will give him enough money to develop increasingly complex and intriguing re-thinks of various household objects.